South Los Angeles STEM programs

PATA has launched a series of both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Arts) programs.

  1. STEM After School Assistance Program (ASAP) was formed in 2014. This is a hands-on STEM program that is dedicated to growing STEM education in schools and increasing participation of underrepresented students (K-12) by introducing, encouraging and enhancing their creative and technical skills and exposing them to potential STEM careers.  The objectives of the ASAP STEM program are to:
    • Demonstrate the practical knowledge and application of STEM in participants’ daily lives by exposing them to professionals, businesses and institutions and offering engaging and thought-provoking hands-on project-based lessons.
    • Provide knowledge, awareness and supplementary education in the areas of science and technology.

Learn more here about PATA ASAP

  1. PATA is working in partnership with Black Women for Wellness (BWW), which developed the Daughters And Sons In Technology (DASIT) project. The DASIT project was created to promote and provide support to the STEM pipeline by providing math and science peer to peer tutoring and mentoring to middle, high school and returning college students. Volunteers and staff who need additional skill development can also receive support from high achieving STEM college students and recent college graduates. The goals & objectives of the DASIT project are to:


  • Emphasize the importance of establishing proficiency in math and science.
  • Provide resources, including mentors and tutors, who will support participants in their learning of math and science.
  • Encourage pursuit of careers in STEM.
  • Support the pipeline process to increase the number of STEM professionals by presenting STEM college students as role models to interested middle and high school students, BWW staff and volunteers.


  • Enroll 25 students and 5 BWW volunteers/staff participants in DASIT.
  • Increase proficiency of math skills by 25%.
  • Increase understanding of STEM career options by 25%.
  • Retain 80% of college student’s committed to majoring in STEM subjects.

Learn more here about PATA & BWW’s DASIT

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