PATA Expands its Reach with a Saturday Science and Technology Academy

PATA would like to express appreciation and gratitude to our donors for their support of our summer activities. The highlight of the summer was the Introduction to Science and Technology class presented at Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum in Compton. The students greatly enjoyed our hands-on activities as depicted here.

PATA’s next eight-week course is scheduled mid-October through the first week of December, one day a week. The course will be hosted at two sites concurrently: the A-Man Center in Inglewood, and Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum in Compton. PATA would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to the financial supporters of PATA’s efforts.
The Berry Family Fund has been instrumental in PATA allocating small grants to community members of Washington and Southern California. In addition, PATA is a proud recipient of Edison International’s “Community Investment” grant that has afforded PATA the opportunity to offer Saturday Science and Technology Academy (SSTA) classes to youth in Inglewood and Compton.

PATA continues to expand its reach to various communities in Southern California. PATA’s SSTA planned growth and hands-on activities require supplies and resources received through contributions made by supporters such as the Tracy Family Charitable Fund. PATA, along with its host sites, the Challengers Boys and Girls Club and Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum, would like to express its gratitude to the Tracy Family Charitable Fund.

PATA is advancing to the big leagues as it has acquired a new location in Ethiopia, East Africa for hosting its Science and Technology classes while resuming its sessions in Southern California.

With a goal to introduce SSTA to Ethiopian youth, PATA was able to secure financial support and strategic alliances with the assistance of Selamta’s Marisa Stam. PATA’s plans for development and implementation of SSTA will now be presented in Ethiopia. PATA’s Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters will now become SSTA instructors to provide Selamta’s students the opportunity to learn Science and Technology parallel to SSTA classes conducted in Southern California. This outcome is a manifestation of PATA’s mission to engage youth both in North America and East Africa to learn more about Science and Technology. PATA salutes two of its mentees who met with representatives of Kenya Airways to discuss software business opportunities. PATA continues to encourage the interest of Science and Technology to students as they prepare for their fall SSTA sessions.

PATA acknowledges its numerous supporters, as there would be enormous difficulty to provide such important lessons without their commitment and support. PATA also expresses appreciation to individual contributors such as Brother Agwe, whose contribution was used to provide housing and school supplies for an Ethiopian student named Fasika.

Sharing updates of its current activities provides PATA the opportunity to express its gratitude to previous and current supporters. Because of this valuable support, PATA is able to provide much needed educational resources to those most in need. There continues to be an open invitation for additional supporters of PATA’s mission and efforts.

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~ Chad Sug

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