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PATA Director/Engineering Manager Engages in Mission to Kpone, Ghana West Africa

In March 2007 “Yaw” Frederick L. Davis, a founding director of the Pan African Technical Association traveled to Ghana West Africa, on a humanitarian mission.

Yaw and those whom accompanied him on the mission initiated construction/renovation to the Oly Dade compound in Kpone, Ghana. The West African Country of Ghana is located on the Atlantic Coast of Africa. Ghana is located just above the equator at latitude of 5 degrees and has a population of 20,000,000 people.

The Oly Dade compound is being converted into the Mary Mason and Joe C. Davis Multipurpose Center and Village Retreat to improve literacy by providing Educational and Training tools and facilities for the children and people of the village of Kpone Ghana.

The Center is in the honor of the late Mary Mason and Joe C. Davis (Yaw’s father), whom dedicated their efforts and money to provide education and life improvement opportunities for the community of Kpone.

The average annual income per person is $276. With such a low income per person it is almost impossible for the average citizen of Ghana to invest in educational tools such as computers. There is a great need to fund projects such as the Mary Mason and Joe C. Davis Multipurpose Center.

Additionally to breaking ground on the construction, Yaw and his associates delivered school supplies, some of which were contributed by KRST Unity Center of African Spiritual Science in Los Angeles and by members of the Los Angeles community.

Please join PATA for a tour of Ghana in Celebration of its 50th Anniversary of Independence

Please join us in our tour of Ghana in Celebration of Ghana’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.


  • Dr. Julius Garvey, the youngest son of The Honorable Marcus Garvey
  • Bro. Yaw As we travel to Ghana for the celebration.

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How Will We Handle All That Data?!?

With most engineering projects, this is a common question raised by the engineering team and the customer (the organization, individual or entity requesting a product or service). The term DATA MANAGEMENT is used to globally define the processes which allow the ease in storage, retrievability and maintenance of information. Information, or data, could be the parts required to manufacture an aircraft wing or personnel files of a Human Resources department. There is almost always a need for data management in any organization. Data management can be a manual or automated process and can enhance administrative, financial and planning processes in areas of engineering and business.

When there are large amounts of data that are required to be presented in numerous ways, an automated data management system is preferred. There are key components common to all automated data management systems. These include:

  • Information
  • Hardware
  • Software

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