PATA Expands its Reach with a Saturday Science and Technology Academy

PATA would like to express appreciation and gratitude to our donors for their support of our summer activities. The highlight of the summer was the Introduction to Science and Technology class presented at Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum in Compton. The students greatly enjoyed our hands-on activities as depicted here.

PATA’s next eight-week course is scheduled mid-October through the first week of December, one day a week. The course will be hosted at two sites concurrently: the A-Man Center in Inglewood, and Tomorrow’s Aviation Museum in Compton. PATA would like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to the financial supporters of PATA’s efforts.
The Berry Family Fund has been instrumental in PATA allocating small grants to community members of Washington and Southern California. In addition, PATA is a proud recipient of Edison International’s “Community Investment” grant that has afforded PATA the opportunity to offer Saturday Science and Technology Academy (SSTA) classes to youth in Inglewood and Compton.
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A Peek into the PATA STEAM Program

Thanks to the generous support of Edison International, The Tracy Family Charitable Fund, and The Berry Family Fund, PATA presents Spring Science and Technology classes.

“Are you coming back again?”  A repeated question by many participants registered in this year’s PATA’s Introduction to Science & Technology courses.  During April and May, PATA presented several activities that focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).  This year’s “Spring Training” was led and instructed by engineers, entrepreneurs, engineering students, and PATA’s co-founder/engineer, Yaw Davis.   Courses were held at multiple sites to serve and provide opportunities to youth in Los Angeles and Compton, California. The specialized program ensured that students would learn about STEAM via educational hands-on activities.  These activities included programming Arduino circuit boards and assembling rocket models.  Entrepreneurs discussed how STEAM is utilized daily in their businesses and/or careers.   Media technology was utilized in a fun and entertaining manner in order to capture the students’ interest and peak their curiosity in STEAM.
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