Pan African Technical Association

PATA is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, California.

Our Mission

To promote the importance of a science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education by engaging underserved youth and communities through skills development, inspiring a lifelong interest and broadening awareness in STEAM career paths.

What is a STEAM Education?

Conduct Community Presentations

PATA volunteers and organizers conduct presentations to other technical and non-technical community-based and membership-based organizations as well as educational institutions expand the networking base.

Technology Exchange

Since 1996, PATA has been involved with technology dissemination activities in several African rural communities. The funding for travel to these communities is accomplished through numerous fundraising efforts and donations.

After School/During School Programs

PATA launched its After School Assistance Program (ASAP) in 2014, which is dedicated to growing STEAM education in schools and increasing participation of underrepresented students (K-12) by introducing, encouraging and enhancing their creative and technical skills and exposing them to potential STEAM careers.

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STEAM Program Supporters

  • Southern California Edison
  • Los Angeles Challengers Boys & Girls Club
  • Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum

Work We Do

PATA aims to demonstrate to students the benefits of a STEAM education for themselves and their communities motivating them to pursue a professional career in these disciplines. This is accomplished by offering high quality interactive hands-on classes, afterschool tutoring programs, technology-centered field trips and technical and non-technical community presentations and talks.

Pan African Technical Association is...

PATA is an association of scientists, technologists, engineers, educators and interested individuals that shares a deep-rooted interest in assisting students in learning STEAM.

community programs, technology exchange between African and African American scientists and engineers

African Volunteers

Ethiopian Civil Engineer Bekalu, who is also a PATA Leader volunteer.  He is working on one of three construction projects in Addis Ababa.

Technology Field Trips

Summer field trip to SpaceX, one of many science and technology activities, which impact numerous youth in the greater Los Angeles area thanks to the Joan and Chris Robinson-Berry Foundation, PATA supporters and volunteers.


PATA is a recipient of funding from Southern California Edison and the Edison International Grant Program for its STEAM program where students participate in hands-on scientific demonstrations.

Pan African Technical Association

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